Taxon Full taxonomic name;composed of genus, species, subspecies, convariety and variety Hordeum vulgare L. convar. distichon (L.) Alef. var. subnutans (Orl.) Mansf.
Accession name (cultivar) Accession name, cultivar name, breeding line ID, local name, most original accession ID; genotype name 1006/80H265, 10342 Z MANDZURJI, 1101 D-6352-69
Pedigree Achestors of the taxon; parents are divided by a slash (Barberousse/Monarque)/Pirate, (BH 218/4*Hassan)*Trumpf
Sample status Sample status wild, weedy, landrace ...
Country of origin Name of the country where the accession was collected Germany, Czech Republic
Donor (Donor code) Code of the Donor institute ESP004, Pamir Biology Institute
Donor number Number of an accession assigned by the donor PI 327761, Boku 35, UCBNE NB 87
Contributor Code of the institute where the accession is maintained ITA004, BCCAM, CZE122
Accession number Unique identifier for accessions CIho 15804, PI 564743, K-731
Collecting number Number assigned by the collector(s) of the sample. Composed simply of a number or the initials of the collector(s) followed by a number. YUGB.004. 38, No.1518, GR020/85
Collecting expedition Acronyms of the collecting expedition ARGKELL-94, ICARDA-SYR81-1, DZA89-A
Country ISO-3 code Three letter code for the country or numerically for continents. ARG, DEU, 017 (Central Asia)
Province Political, administrative or geographical province of the collecting site. Madhya Pradesh, Crete, Lasithi, Chimborazo
Collecting site Additional detailed information about the collecting site. Partly with data of the distance in kilometres and direction from the nearest town or reference point. Often in German. 95km northeast of Addis Ababa; Las Cuevas, Anden bei Mendoza
Longitude Degree (3 digits), minutes (2 digits), and seconds (2 digits) followed by E (East) or W (West) (e.g. 0762510W). Every missing digit (minutes or seconds) should be indicated with a hyphen. Leading zeros are required. 03728--E, 0261348E, 073----W
Latitude Degree (2 digits) minutes (2 digits), and seconds (2 digits) followed by N (North) or S (South) (e.g. 103020S). Every missing digit (minutes or seconds) should be indicated with a hyphen. Leading zeros are required. 1530--S; 465225N; 35----N
Altitude between Elevation of collecting site expressed in meters above sea level. Negative values are allowed -125, 0, 4575
Row Number Number of rows of kernels. 2, 3, 4, 6
Kernel Cover Categories for the covering of the kernel by the hull N (naked), H (hulled)
Seasonal Habit Seasonal habit Spring, Winter, Perennial, Mixed